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 Signature Facial 
30, 60 or 90 mins

LED Light Therapy
30 or 45 mins 

Gua Sha Mini Facial
30 mins

This bespoke treatment focusses on restoring balance and reaching ultimate relaxation.

Each facial is designed to your individual skin type and addresses any concerns you may have. First time clients will receive an in-depth skin consultation as part of your treatment.

Using my favourite, hand picked, natural products your facial will include a bespoke combination of cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, masking, LED light therapy, reflexology and a chest, shoulder, neck massage. Finishing with a sculpting facial massage and Gua Sha to leave your skin looking bright, lifted and utterly lovely! 

Restore your glow with a lifting and brightening Gua Sha mini facial. 

After a cleanse, we will work on restoring balance with a facial massage using Gua Sha tools.


Gua Sha is proven to increase your skin's microcirculation by up to 400% to reoxygenate your skin and reduce wrinkles and signs of stress. 


Your skin will look renewed and refreshed, and you will leave feeling relaxed and restored. 

Targeted treatment for acne, scarring and collagen production with great results. 


After a cleanse, you will receive the ultimate meditational experience under the Celluma LED Light.  

The blue light kills bacteria to reduce acne​. The red light boosts collagen production encouraging  cell turnover which in turn reduces wrinkles, fades pigmentation and scarring. 

Your treatment will include one or both lights depending on your skin's needs. 

This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women or those who suffer from claustrophobia. 


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