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My Story

Hello! I'm Emma and welcome to my little facial business, Hathor London.

Like most wellness professionals, I founded Hathor to help Londoners find some peace in a world full of busy hustle. As an events professional, my life was a constant adrenaline rush of late finishes, early mornings and sleepless nights. I loved it, until it all became too much. After ignoring signs of deep anxiety for too long and working in a particularly toxic environment, I broke. I had to take time out to restore my soul and find balance again. The only thing keeping my going during this time were the little pockets of me-time I could squeeze in, hands-on treatments-like facials-became my lifeline. 

So in early 2020, I downed my event tools and trained with Katie at Re:Lax Skin School. I took a part time job and had high hopes for starting a successful facial business. I had no idea what the world had in store for us over the next 18 months. 

I am so proud to say that, whilst it's taken a little longer than expected, Hathor London has become a successful facial business working across South London. I have such lovely clients and I thank everyone who has helped me get her so far! 

My Studios

I am so lucky to offer treatments at two lovely wellness centres. 


The Treatment Rooms, Balham

Market Studios, Greenwich 


I will also be offering home visits throughout December and into 2022. 

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